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About Us is a service of Performance Support Systems (PSS). Based in Newport News, Virginia, PSS was founded in 1987.

Our job at is to help success-minded people grow stronger for work and life. We make self-awareness and encouragement tools available to people who want to step up to another level for better relationships, both personal and professional.

Most of the services delivered on are powered by MindFrames, the world’s most advanced brain-based personality assessment. The developers, Dennis E. Coates, Ph.D., and Meredith M. Bell, M.A., have over sixty years combined experience in the fields of assessment and personal, professional and human resource development. Together, they’ve helped over 1,000 organizations present programs to more than 100,000 managers and professionals. To date, over a million people have used PSS products.

PSS also publishes the award-winning 20/20® Insight GOLD
, a uniquely flexible, affordable, and customizable multi-source feedback and development system.

More than a million people have participated in feedback projects since 20/20 Insight GOLD's release in 1994. They've seen, first hand, the benefits of the quality information that's collected and delivered by our easy-to-use software.

20/20 Insight GOLD allows its users to collect virtually any type of feedback—ideas, opinions, ratings, facts or surveys—from any number of people about the performance of a product, service, individual, team or even your entire organization! The software easily generates and distributes reports that deliver the feedback people are looking for.


For more complete information about MindFrames and, please see our Media Kit. It is available online or as a PDF.