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Thin From Within

Thin from Within
Your Personality Guide to Weight Loss

Are you ready to lose weight? Motivated to get started? Want to keep the pounds off? Or if you’re starting again, do you want to make sure you don’t get derailed this time?

Your personality has a huge impact on your approach to losing weight. It could cause you to stick with certain favorite activities and avoid others. You have an advantage if you’re aware of these preferences before you start.

Powered by MindFrames, your personalized "Thin from Within" report is an amazing resource! It describes your patterns and how to get on track quickly and stay on track as you learn new eating and exercise habits.

What will "Thin from Within" do for you?

• Identify your most comfortable weight loss strategies
• Find the easiest way for you to get on track to lose weight
• Learn what you have to do to stay on track
• Learn how to avoid failure by knowing what to watch out for
• Learn how to stretch beyond your comfort zone to succeed with your weight loss plan
• Find your most likely diet derailers and how to avoid them
• Learn how to develop a plan to get going—your way
• Discover the five most empowering insights about weight loss

How do you get "Thin from Within"?

It’s easy! Register and take MindFrames, then buy the report. Thin from Within is available both online and as a downloadable PDF.

Thin from Within