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Is the person you’re dating right for you?

Have you found your soul mate? Will your future relationship be about passion, romance and harmony—or conflict? Get the answer now, not months or years from now. Whether you met through friends, a dating service or at a party, find out if the personality of your current love interest is a good match with your own. The 20-page "Compatibility Forecast" report compares both personalities, revealing similarities and differences. "Compatibility Forecast" is powered by MindFrames, the world’s most revealing brain-based personality test, based on forty years of scientific research.

Your "Compatibility Forecast" report will help you decide whether to take the next step in the relationship…

  • Get a general forecast for your relationship, based on your shared personality traits.
  • Get a focused forecast about each personality trait that impacts your relationship.
  • Discover which traits contribute to HARMONY.
  • Learn about the potential for ENRICHMENT.
  • Find out about significant differences and the potential for CONFLICT.
  • Get tips on how to make the most of your similarities AND differences.

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Discover what the future holds for your love relationship!

MindFrames Personality Test

MindFrames is a free online personality test based on research in brain science. It measures how often you use each of eight distinct patterns of thought and action. Your preferences are the foundation of your unique personality.

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