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Communication is hard! It’s not easy to know when someone has really understood you. And you may not always hear what that person is trying to say. Wouldn’t you like to connect—the first time, every time?

The “Communicating” match-up report gives you powerful insights into the communication styles of you and another person. Find out how you’re similar and how you’re different. Discover what factors may have contributed to misunderstandings. Learn what the other person listens for when you’re talking, so you can adjust your approach. The report is filled with practical, easy-to-follow suggestions, so you can apply what you learn immediately. Conversations with this individual will become a lot more satisfying—for both of you!

You can “match up” with as many people as you like—anyone with whom you’d like a better relationship at work or in your personal life. Each report gives you personalized information about the special chemistry of your two styles.

Here’s what the report reveals:

• Your framicon and the other person’s framicon compared
• How you approach talking and listening
• How the other person approaches talking and listening
• Areas of common ground when communicating
• Differences in your communication styles
• The kind of approach and information the other person is looking for
• How to talk so the other person understands you
• How to listen when you really need to understand the other person
• Specific tips for stretching outside your comfort zone to connect successfully
• Both online and PDF versions of the report for your personal use


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